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Slade's Drive in of Rock Rapids, Iowa opens for their 2019 season, and we were customer #1

Slade's Drive in opened their 2019 season to a rainy and dreary day. That weather didn't stop us from going to photograph the event. If anything the rain enhanced our photo.

Slade’s Drive In has been in Rock Rapids for as long as many people can remember. It’s been a staple of Rock Rapids for many years. Its also the only burger joint for many miles around the town, the nearest competitor geographically being McDonalds all the way up in Luverne, Minnesota. Slades is unique in the fact that it is a seasonal restaurant. Starting in March the restaurant stays open until the end of October when it is then boarded up until the next spring.

The inside of the restaurant is bland and simple, just as Iowa folks like. The lack of frills sort of scratches an itch by being timeless. There isn't a tacky attempt to make this place look like a 50s burger dive. Rather this establishment seems to be trying to bring the good parts of decades gone by along with us as we continue through the present.

In some ways We weren’t just the first to photograph the building this year. We were also the first customer of the new year. We even have the meal ticket to prove it!

Things were quiet at Slades when we went right at 11:00 AM but things will be picking up significantly as the summer approaches. The opening of Slades is a sure sign of spring being on the way.

You can find their Facebook page here.

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Mar 28, 2019

Union Jack's employees also leave negative reviews on Slade's FB page and apparently shill on blog posts.


Mar 15, 2019

Union Jacks Grill in Rock Rapids is open year round and has amazing burgers and sandwiches on their menu year round.

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