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About Us

Magnaimages,LLC and work to provide clients with photography and photo related services to meet our client's needs. Whether it's taking photos of trains in the bitter cold or photographing a public event, we can cover all aspects of your photography needs. Many of our clients need NDAs and expect professionalism and confidentiality for their corporate work. We specialize in handling corporate projects.

MagnaImages runs a blog and provides local news photography.

Michael Bauman

Michael got started in photography at a young age, but it wasn't until high school that he would buy his first DSLR camera and start trying in earnest to make photos of a quality that could be sold. Early on Michael found limited success on selling prints. It wasn't long before Michael moved mostly to selling his photos as stock photography and doing portraits.


Today he works as a professional freelance photographer and has been published in several SDNA affiliated newspapers. It was only natural that he ended up founding MagnaImages and working as the lead photographer. He specializes in animal and landscape photography and has won awards in both. As a hobby he takes photographs with old cameras and film.

Caitlyn French

Caitlyn got her start after graduating from Bethany Lutheran College with a degree in Media Arts. She worked her way up to being the editor of two newspapers in rural Minnesotan and later worked as a reporter and photographer for several SDNA newspapers. Almost all her photography has a strong photojournalist flair and involves telling some sort of story.


Caitlyn specializes in life-photography, including portraits of animals and people in action, especially at events. She has several photography awards and her work has been published in a variety of publications. In addition to photography, Caitlyn preforms the marketing duties for Magna Images.


Mission Statement

          The mission of is to provide quality services and goods at a level higher than that the average business in this industry. Everything we do must reflect an attention to being better than everyone else. We will only partner with ethical companies and organizations. In addition we want to provide quality education resources to those who want to learn photography as well as teachers who need quality material and examples of work. We want to further the craft of photography and that means teaching people the right way to do things.


         The mission of the Magnaimages blog is to provide the most accurate, thorough, and interesting news, reviews, and educational material. We try to seek content that has high interest and impact for readers. We want to provoke discussion and an interest in learning across all areas of photography. We attempt to adhere to ethical guidelines present in media. We know that many media sources skirt these guidelines for profit, we will not do this. Magnaimages will never receive money or products for a paid promotion and pass it off as a review without disclosure of the transaction. We want to be ethical journalists.

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