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MagnaImages takes multiple ribbons at the Sioux Empire Livestock Show

Caitlyn French and Michael Bauman of both won multiple ribbons in the Sioux Empire Livestock photography contest. The contest consisted of the following multiple categories:

Lot 1: Farm/Ranch Scene

Lot 2: Winter on the Farm

Lot 3: Barns

Lot 4: Farm Animals

Lot 5: Generations on the Farm

Lot 6: Stock Show Season

In the “Farm/Ranch Scene” category Michael Bauman won second place with a picture, which also happens to be for sale on this very site. In the “Winter on the Farm” category Mike took first place with a picture of hoarfrost covering a field. In the “Farm Animals” category Mike took first place with his photo of a mare looking over a fence.

When it came to the “Barns” category it was Caitlyn French who took third with her unique picture of the roof and cupola of a barn. Caitlyn took third place in the “Farm Animals” category with a photo of “Larry the Farm Cat” sitting on a hay bale in a barn. For “Generations on the Farm” Caitlyn won first place with her photojournalism style photo of a mother and daughter riding a tractor.

In total took three first place ribbons, a second place ribbon, and two third place ribbons.

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