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Magnaimages contributes to photography history.

It's kind of amazing that we've only been at this for a few months and yet we are making some pretty cool friends and contributions to photography. In this case we were able to contribute a somewhat rare camera to the Argus Museum in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Curated by the Washtenaw County Historical Society, the Argus Museum sits on the second floor of 525 West William in Ann Arbor.

According to their website. " The mission of the Argus Museum is to collect and preserve Argus Camera Incorporated products (including those manufactured under its prior names), publications and history of the company and its employees, to research the products and the people who were involved in the development and manufacturing of these products, to insure these collections are available for others to research, and to interpret and display the collections for public viewing to promote knowledge and appreciation of Argus. "

Well alright then. When working on our review of the Argus DC-3200 camera found here( We came across very little information on the camera itself as well as the company. However the Washtenaw County Historical Society site kept popping up. After the review of this camera was concluded I was left with a nice camera, a nice box, and it felt like a waste to just throw this camera back on a shelf. So, I reached out to the Washtenaw County Historical Society and offered them the camera. The society agreed and I soon had the camera shipped off to Ann Arbor.

Much to my surprise I received a letter back from the Argus Museum thanking me for my contribution. The camera we reviewed here is now in the collection of the Argus Museum as it was a rare find. I spent $5 on this camera and it's now in a museum.

We review cameras here, a lot of old ones that would be forgotten. But we also review a lot of good cameras here and we have a passion for everything photography including the photography of the past. It's great that we could share our passion with the people over at the Argus Museum.

If you ever get to Ann Arbor and have a chance, please do visit this museum and report back to us with pictures. I'd love to visit if I can ever get over there. The museum looks really neat.

Here is the museum website.

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