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Hunting peeps the way God intended.

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Peeps Rabbits are some of the most bloodthirsty and viscous creatures in existence. They

hunt in packs and use sheer numbers to overwhelm their prey. This is a series of photos.

When the rabbits find a peep they chase it until it becomes exhausted. They then throw their hand crafted spears into it while maintaining a safe distance from the injured beast. A peep becomes unpredictable when injured.

The cries of the peep attract more rabbits to the scene and they too begin to throw their spears into it. The peep is now surely doomed. The rabbits almost seem to enjoy their bloodsport as you can see from their faces.

The poor peep struggles to breathe as the rabbits continue to close in. A wounded peep is still very dangerous to the rabbits despite being injured. It may lash out at any time.

The peep now dead is rolled upside down and the rabbits begin their work of gutting and skinning the peep. A single peep can feed a horde of rabbits for only a few days. There is barely enough food in a single peep to last until the next peep can be brought down.

The rabbits work to cut up the peep. It's a bloody process that involves the whole tribe.

After the peep is cut into chunks, the rabbits participate in a ritual to determine who receives a share. When this is completed the rabbits take their bounty home to their nests.

We hope you have enjoyed this nature documentary brought to you by the brave photographers that spent months in the jungle tracking down this dangerous creature. For more great work that will surely end up alongside great works such as the Mona Lisa, visit

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