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Why you shouldn't waste advertising on Instagram to gain followers.

So you may be wondering about Instagram ads. You've read online that paying for Instagram followers is a bad idea that will hurt you in the long run. You've decided then that your hard earned money might be better spent on Instagram ads in order to get "exposure" and grow your audience. Does it work? We tested it, and the results are very interesting.

The photo I chose was just taken off the internet. There was no effort to hide this. What we are doing is creating the catchiest image possible in order to snag attention that will lead to profile visits.

I then created an advertising campaign for each picture and set up an audience. I spent $14 on a post to promote it for a total of $14 in advertising revenue. The goal here was to see if we could pick up followers by doing this. Starting out we had 924 followers.

Here are the results.

Our post received 1100 likes for that price. There was one organic comment. The post targeted men in India so that we could shotgun many cheap views for the price. The post setting was for a link to our page. This led to exactly 0 new followers.

That's right kids, Zip! Nada! Nothing!

What this means.

Does advertising on Instagram work? It can, especially for niche interests. However I've repeated this experiment several times before with the exact same results. It appears that advertising does nothing to boost a small page's follower count. Therefore, you should never do this. Instead, create more engaging content, join an Instagram pod. . I know that sounds silly since you think you already are doing what is best for your page, but the fact of the matter is that it's a grind to get to 1000 followers. Engagement is key, not just blasting your work out there.

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